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Meet the maker – My name is Rosemary and thank you for visiting my website.

I cannot believe that it is now some 35 years since I first picked up a Pyrography tool. I soon decided that this was the craft for me! Admittedly, I struggled for a while but soon learnt that good quality wood was a must . I use mainly sycamore although beech, hornbeam, lime or cherry is great.  It soon became a case of trial and error! I also invested in a better quality Pyrography machine that could control the amount of heat – bliss! Looking back at my earlier efforts I cringe but as time has gone on, I think I have improved although I am ever looking at improving further.

In the early days I attended craft fairs, steam rallies and shows selling a large range of gift and kitchen ware. If there was electricity I could personalise as customers waited and this proved a great success. I continued with shows for many years as I was able to fit it around my family however as they left the nest I decided a change was needed.

A new business is born

I went back to work full time for about five years leaving my pyrography as a hobby. Eventually, redundancy and poor health saw me spending more time at home and that’s when I decided to concentrate on personalised wedding keepsakes. I had always made horseshoes for the shows I attended and they often were the first things to sell out so it made sense! I introduced new colours – I had always used white ribbons originally as it was neutral but I was finding more customers were asking for ivory or cream. Different designs were introduced then I started thinking of different types of bridal keepsakes. Spoons, hearts and rolling pins were introduced.

I was then asked by a lovely lady for an anniversary keepsake. I thought I would try that and it proved very successful. One of the brides I made a horseshoe for, gave birth and her Mum wanted something to commemorate the birth. Consequently that’s how the birth plaques started. My lovely customers have been such a help in my  developing range and I thank them all! 

I have now expanded into gifts and will be bringing new items onto the range in the future. If you have something in mind, do contact me – you never know, I may be able to help! Hope you have enjoyed my ‘Meet the Maker’

I am also a proud member of The Professional Crafters Guild so if you love creative products take a look:

Take a look at some of my custom designs made over the years, you will find them in The Gallery