Wooden Pebble




Superb smooth oval wooden pebble made from beech and measuring approximately 55 mm across, 75 mm in length and 15 mm in thickness. Beautifully smooth and tactile, these pebbles have designs burnt into the wood using pyrography (burning into the wood)

Each design will be unique as they are drawn freehand first in pencil before being burnt, no lasers, templates etc used.

Room on the back for a short quote or name, maybe date – you choose! However, if you prefer, you can leave this blank

Once the burning has been completed, each pebble will be sealed and finished with a beeswax polish then placed in a burgundy velvet drawstring pouch

The perfect gift for someone leaving, retiring, birthday, special occasion or simply to say you care and are thinking of them.

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Rabbit, Mouse and blackberries, Unicorn, Hedgehog, Squirrel, Cat, Mouse


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